HDFC RTGS Form PDF | HDFC NEFT Application Form Download

hdfc rtgs application form download |HDFC Bank RTGS Form PDF download |RTGS is Real-Time Gross Settlement’. It basically means transfer of money at real or same time as instruction being received by bank for this by the customer without any delay. Bank offers RTGS facility to its customers to transfer fund online from their account to any other person account. It merely takes 30 min to transfer funds via this mode. Through this mode person can transfer big amounts from above Rs.2 Lakhs to max. Rs. 10 Lakhs per day.

Interested person can download the form online or can obtain it from their nearest HDFC Bank branch. If person has online banking facility, then he/she does not have to go anywhere, as they can do it from their mobile or tab as they prefer. Its easy and no charge is applied by bank against RTGS done through online banking.

Here for your convenience, we have provided you direct link to HDFC Bank RTGS Form/ NEFT Form PDF Download. You can easily download the form by just clicking the link given below.

HDFC RTGS Form PDF Download

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  2. Department: Bank & Finance
  3. Beneficiary: Bank’s Customers
  4. Language: English
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  6. PDF Form Download: HDFC  RTGS Form PDF 

Procedure To Fill HDFC Bank RTGS Form:

Following steps needed to be followed to fill different sections of HDFC Bank RTGS form with ease:

  • You have to first fill details like branch name & code where you are applying for RTGS, date, time, mode of transfer, cheque no and amount.
  • After this you have to fill beneficiary details (.i.e. person to whom you are transferring the amount) such as his/her account number, bank name, IFSC code, amount, other details as per required.
  • In Remitter column, you have to fill remitter’s details (i.e. person who is transferring the amount) such as name of the account holder, account number, account type, amount, cheque details, IFSC code, branch address, registered mob. no, etc.
  • Information provided by customers should be correct to avoid any issues. Account no. of both beneficiary and remitter should be correct as RTGS is based on account no. more than any other details provided.
  • “Branch Use Only” section is for bank use. After completing the transaction, they will mention transaction ID against the RTGS for future ref.
  • For RTGS amount needs to more than or equal to Rs.2,00,000/- .

Conditions To be Fulfilled By Remitter/Payer For Executing RTGS Transaction By HDFC Bank:

  • Remitter/Payer must be bank’s customer/ account holder.
  • Transaction amount must be of min. amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- for RTGS.
  • Transactions should be made within geographical limits of India.
  • Information provided by remitter must be complete and correct, bank won’t be responsible for any mishap.

Charges For RTGS Transaction:

  • For amount between Rs.2-5 Lakhs  – Rs. 25 + GST Charges
  • For amount above Rs.5 Lakhs  – Rs. 50 + GST Charges

∗ Transfer of fund through net banking facility will be free of RTGS charges applied by bank.

Timeline For Executing RTGS Transaction:

  • Monday to Saturday (except bank holidays and 2nd and 4th Saturday)- 7 am to 5 pm for Online Transaction and through Branches- as per their working hours.

Note: RTGS mode of transfer helps the customers to transfer money from their account to any other bank account quickly and easily at their convenience. Its easy and safe mode to transfer big amount and only takes 30 min. to execute the transaction. For RTGS amount should be greater than or equal to at least Rs.2,00,000/-

hdfc rtgs application form download

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