UBI- United Bank Of India NEFT/RTGS Form PDF Download

UBI- United Bank Of India NEFT/RTGS Form PDF-: UBI NEFT/RTGS Form is for offline RTGS/NEFT service through the UBI branch. For this account holder has to visit the bank’s branch and submit the filled application form of the United Bank of India NEFT/RTGS Form to request for RTGS/NEFT transaction.

One can get the United Bank Of India NEFT/RTGS Form from bank’s any branch or can download it from the bank’s official website or can also use the link provided by us in this article.

‘RTGS’ stands for Real-Time Gross Settlement, which means the real-time settlement of funds transfers separately on an order by order basis (without netting). As funds settlement takes place in the books of the RBI, the payments are secure, final, and irrevocable.

‘NEFT’ stands for National Electronic Funds Transfer. It facilitates individuals, firms, and corporates to electronically transfer funds from any bank branch to any individual, firm, or corporate having an account within the bank or any other bank branch in the country as well.

The account holders of any branch of the bank who has savings or current account are eligible to avail NEFT/ RTGS Service. For RTGS minimum amount transfer should be above Rs. 2,00,000.

Here we have provided you a direct link to download the United Bank Of India NEFT/RTGS Form PDF. You can download the form by just clicking on the link given below.

United Bank Of India NEFT/RTGS Form PDF Download

  1. Article Name: United Bank Of India NEFT/RTGS Form PDF
  2. Department: Banking and Finance
  3. Beneficiary: Bank’s Customers
  4. Language: English
  5. Official Website: www.unitedbank.co.in
  6.  PDF Form Download: UBI NEFT/RTGS Form PDF Download

How to fill the United Bank of India NEFT/RTGS Form?

To fill the form without any difficulty follow the given below steps:-

  • Visit your nearest UBI Bank’s Branch, get the NEFT/RTGS form or download the form using the link provided above & then fill the form provided.
  • Firstly you will have to fill in the branch name, date, the amount for remittance (in the figure).
  • Now fill in remittance details such as debit account ID/No., Cheque No., Transaction Amount (in words), charges.
  • Now for beneficiary fill in details such Beneficiary Bank’s IFSC code, Name of Beneficiary, Name of Bank & Branch of Beneficiary, Mode of Confirmation, Remarks & then Sender/Applicant Contact Number.
  • After all the details are filled in carefully & correctly, sign & submit the form.
  • For Bank Use Column is for bank officials to enter Transaction ref. no/UTR No.

UBI Bank NEFT/RTGS Form Online

The below section is for the customer to keep as an acknowledgment slip. It consists of RTGS/NEFT related details to verify that transaction being made. It consists of details such as date, debit account ID/No., cheque no., transaction amount, name of the beneficiary, His/her account no., etc. as shown in the image below.

*Note: With effect from 1 April 2020, Oriental Bank of Commerce- OBC and United Bank of India- UBI has been amalgamated with Punjab National Bank- PNB*

Note – NEFT/RTGS is fast, secure & reliable electronic mode to transfer funds from one bank/person to another person/bank. For offline service of NEFT/RTGS transaction, you have to submit the NEFT/RTGS Application Form to concerned branch of the bank.

You download United Bank Of India NEFT/RTGS Form from bank’s website or can tap on the direct link given below.

United Bank of India NEFT/RTGS Form PDF Download

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