Tripura Death Certificate Form PDF

The death certificate is a government document. The death of a person is officially verified to fulfill various legal obligations. It certifies the death of any person and is released to the family of the deceased person. This proof has to be obtained within 21 days of the person’s death. After 21 days you will have to pay for it. Death certificate certifies the time, date, and cause of a person’s death. It is used as evidence by legal heirs to claim benefits such as insurance and pensions.

In addition, it is used as proof of death for the disposal of a succession of the property. The death certificate is issued by the District Magistrate and Revenue Department in Tripura. Applicants can alternatively obtain death certificates from the office of Block Development Officers, Agartala Municipality, Nagar Panchayats. The following are the various bodies for registration:

  • E-Facilitation Center at Sub Divisional Magistrate Office
  • Municipality
  • State, District and Sub-Departmental Hospitals

So, here we provide you the direct link of the Tripura Death Certificate Form PDF. You can download the application form for the death certificate by clicking on the link given below.

Tripura Death Certificate Form PDF

Article Tripura Death Certificate
Department Health & Family Welfare Department
Beneficiary State Resident
Benefit  Government Services
Official Website Click Here
Form PDF Download Download Here

Purpose Of Death Certificate

There are many reasons to apply for death certificate, such as:-

  • To determine the cause of death and provide a prima facie evidence of the event/death.
  • Acts as a proof for legal heir to claim benefits such as insurance and pension benefits.
  • Needed for the settlement of property inheritance.
  • For closing bank accounts, selling property of the deceased or any bank related work.

Documents Required For Death Certificate

To apply for a death certificate in the state, attach the following documents with the application form-

  1. Proof of the citizenship of any of the parents.
  2. Medical authority certificate
  3. Aadhar Card
  4. Certificate of Pradhan
  5. Tehsil enquiry

Permanent citizens of Tripura can apply for a death certificate in the state by submitting the above mentioned documents along with Tripura Death Certificate Form to the concerned department. As per the rules, a person can also be declared dead if he has been missing for past seven years. The competent court/authority verifies the presumption using oral and documentary evidence.

Processing Time

If there is no issue regarding cause of death or any other problem relating to the matter, then it will take only 10-12 days (from date of application) for authority to issue the certificate.

Note:- Today we have provided you Tripura Death Certificate Form in PDF and information about the same. For any query or information or for any other PDF form, please comment below in the comment box. We will provide you the same through our website Stay connected & thanks for visiting our website.

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