[PDF] Tamilnadu Ration Card Form 2024 in Tamil

தமிழ்நாடு ரேஷன் கார்டு படிவம் PDF Ration card is an important state govt. issued document which serves as a proof of nationality of a person. It states person’s economical status and helps the low or backward class people to get benefit of govt. schemes or subsidies provided through this. It also acts as identity proof and can be used to make different govt. documents such as Voter id, Aadhaar card, Passport, etc. Ration card is issued on the basis of earning capacity of an individual. There are different categories of ration card in different states such as – APL, BPL, Antyodaya, and other types of ration cards , and these categories are determined on the annual income of person or his/her earning capacity.

So, today we provide you a direct link to download the தமிழ்நாடு ரேஷன் கார்டு விண்ணப்ப படிவம் PDF. You can download the application form by clicking on the link given below.

Tamilnadu Ration Card Form in Tamil

Article New Family Card / Ration Card Form Tamil Nadu
Department Consumer Affairs Food and Civil Supplies Department
Beneficiary  Residents of the State
Benefit To Get Ration at Subsidized Rate
Language English
Official Website Click Here
Download PDF Form Click Here

Eligibility Criteria For Tamilnadu Ration Card

Following are the criteria that applicant have to fulfill to be eligible to apply for ration card in Tamil Nadu state:

  • Both applicant & his/her family members should be India citizens and resident of the state.
  • They must live and cook separately.
  • The applicant & any family member should not own family / ration card in any other state.
  • They must not own any other family card in same state as well.
  • Applicant and his/her family members must be close relatives / in blood relation.

Documents Required For Obtaining Ration Card

Attach the following documents with the application form and submit it to local ration office to obtain ration card in Tamil Nadu:-

  1. Applicant’s identity proof such as Aadhaar card, Voter id, DL, etc.
  2. Current Residential proof of the applicant such as residence certificate, electricity / telephone bill, passport, etc.
  3. Photograph of the head of the family along with family photo.
  4. Submit surrender certificate in case if applicant possess ration card to any previous/old address or in any other state.
  5. LPG connection details along with details of the customer under whose name the connection is registered along with consumer no., LPG agency, and oil company name.
  6. In case applicant has applied before, then registration no., rejection details previous application has to be provided.
  7. Applicant’s annual income details.
  8. Any other documents ( if asked).

ரேஷன் கார்டு படிவம் 2024

Each category states person’s right to certain rationed goods. Person having higher earning capacity are not entitled to obtain rations at a subsidized rate as per the state govt. Only people who have low income or belong to low/backward class can avail benefit of subsidized ration. To avail benefit of govt. schemes/ subsidies , one must possess ration card. And to apply for ration card in the state of Tamil Nadu, you have to submit Tamilnadu Ration Card Form along with necessary documents to concerned department.

  • Processing Time It usually takes 30-60 days to the issuing authorities to process the application and issue ration card to the applicant.
  • Validity  Ration card is valid for 5 years from date of issuance ( if  only applicant does not changes his/her residential address or the state).
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