South Indian Bank- SIB NEFT/RTGS PDF Form | SIB NEFT Form Filling Process

South Indian Bank Ltd- SIB, founded in 29th January 1929,  is a private sector bank. Its headquartered is situated at Thrissur in Kerala, India. SIB NEFT/RTGS Form provided SIB customers facility to apply for NEFT or RTGS service offline by submitting this form to its branch.

RTGS & NEFT both are secure, fast, reliable & simple electronic modes for funds transfer from one person/account to another person/account within the bank or any other bank in the country as well. Fund transfer under NEFT, are settled in hourly batches while under RTGS, are settled in the real-time settlement process. RTGS is preferred for large amount transaction.

For RTGS amount transfer should be above Rs. 2 Lakhs with no upper limits. For NEFT there is no such limits. But mostly amount less than Rs. 2 Lakhs is treated as an NEFT transaction (If you don’t select the mode of transaction in the form i.e NEFT or RTGS).

You can get the South Indian Bank- SIB NEFT Form & RTGS Form from its branch or can download it online from its website or can also use the link provided by us.

South Indian Bank- SIB NEFT/RTGS Form PDF Download

  1. Article Name: South Indian Bank NEFT Form & RTGS Form PDF
  2. Department: Banking and Finance
  3. Beneficiary: Bank’s Customers
  4. Language: English
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  7. PDF Form Download: South India Bank- SIB NEFT/RTGS PDF Form

SIB Bank NEFT Form Filling Process

Once you have filled in all the details required in the form, check it carefully & then sign & submit it to bank officials to process the transaction. For RTGS amount should be above Rs. 2,00,000/-.

(Note: For fund transfer through NEFT/RTGS Service, Both the Bank (of Remitter & Beneficiary) needs to be NEFT/RTGS Enabled.)

Steps To Fill SIB NEFT/RTGS Form – Offline

To fill the different sections of the South Indian Bank/ SIB NEFT/RTGS form without any problem, you need to follow the given below steps:

    • As you will download & open the form, you will see there are three sections in the NEFT/RTGS form. The top section is for Remitter/Applicant & the second section is for Beneficiary Details and the last section is for Customer Acknowledgement.
    • Firstly fill Branch, Date, PAN No. then select in the form mode of transfer i.e. RTGS or NEFT & enter an amount to be remitted (in figures & words) then tick the option cheque or cash for payment (as required).
    • After filling the above details, now enter applicant & beneficiary details. Remember all the details needs to be filled by applicant in “Capital/Block Letters”.
    • For the applicant/remitter column fill in details like Account No., Cheque No., Cheque Date, Remitter’s Name, Address, Mobile No.
    • Now fill in beneficiary details like Beneficiary Name, Account No., Reconfirm Account No., Bank Name, IFSC Code,  Branch Address & Remarks (if any).
    • The last section i.e. “Customer Acknowledgement”  (as shown in the image below) is a customer acknowledgment copy given by the bank to the applicant after completing the transaction. Here NEFT/RTGS details (as required) are mentioned. Bank’s authorized official will sign it along with bank seal. It can be used for future ref. regarding NEFT/RTGS transaction being processed.

Note:- RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement) and NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) both are electronic mode that allows individuals to transfer funds between banks or persons. Customers can avail NEFT/RTGS facility both online & offline. For offline RTGS/NEFT service you have to submit NEFT/RTGS application form to concerned branch of the bank. You can download the South Indian Bank- SIB NEFT/RTGS PDf Form from bank’s official website or can just tap on the direct link given below to download the form.

South India Bank- SIB NEFT/RTGS Form PDF Download

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