PRAN Application Form PDF : permanent retirement account number registration form online

Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) is an exclusive 12-digit numerical code allotted to every person who has subscribed to the National Pension Scheme. The National Pension Scheme is a government-sponsored savings vehicle which provides social-security benefit in the form of pension. It encourages regular investment towards a post-retirement fund. The scheme accepts contribution from employees of every sector, except for those in the armed forces.


PRAN Application Form PDF

WHY IS PRAN ASSIGNED?The Permanent Retirement Account Number is a unique number issued to every accountholder of the National Pension Scheme. It helps identify and distinguish one subscriber from another, avoids overlapping in case of same names or details and helps subscribers to check the balance in their NPS Account. National Pension Scheme subscribers may apply for a PRAN Card through various modes.

HOW TO APPLY FOR PRAN?The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) is the Central Record-keeping Agency. This applications for the NSDL portal are to be made on NSDL portals. Assemble the documents required and submit to the Point of Presence – Service Provider (POP-SP).

PRAN DOCUMENTSIndividuals wishing to apply for a PRAN through the offline mode may visit their nearest Point of Presence-Service Provider (POP-SP). Following documents shall be required for such application:

• Duly filled application form
• Passport-sized photograph of subscribe
• Details of scheme selected
• KYC Compliance documents – identity proof and address proof

PRAN Form Download

Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) is a unique 12 digit number that is allotted to every subscriber of the NPS scheme for a lifetime. This number is accessible from any part of India. There are two types of accounts that can be held under PRAN: 1. Tier I Account – It is a non-withdrawable account, 2. Tier II Account – It is a voluntary savings account where you can freely withdraw your savings anytime you need.

PRAN APPLICATION USING PANFollow the guide to apply for PRAN with PAN:

  • To apply via PAN, you need to have a bank account with a listed Bank for KYC verification.
  •  The bank will conduct the KYC verification.
  • The name and address provided during registration shall match the respective bank’s records.
  • Fill up all the mandatory details online.
  • Upload scanned copies of PAN card and a cancelled cheque.
  • Upload signature and photograph by scanning them.
  • You will then be redirected to the payment portal for payment towards the National Pension System account.
  • Find the option of Print and Courier the registration form to CRA or eSign it.

ISSUE OF PRANOnce the subscriber makes an application for PRAN, the POP-SP acknowledges that the form is admitted by issuing a 17-digit unique receipt number. The Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) is generated once the application is examined, and all the ancillary documents verified. The dispatch of a PRAN Card usually takes 20 days from the date of receipt of the duly filled application form. The application status for PRAN can be tracked on the NSDL portal.

PRAN Online Applications Form

Subscribers to the scheme may apply for a PRAN online as well, through the NSDL portal. NSDL is the Central Record-keeping Agency (CRA) for NPS, assigned with the onerous task of processing applications for allotment of PRAN.
For this, NPS KYC Compliance shall have to be completed online by either uploading a scanned copy of the Aadhar Card or a scanned copy of the subscriber’s PAN Card. Along with this, a scanned copy of the subscriber’s signature and the subscriber’s photograph shall be required to be uploaded on to the portal. After duly filling out all the mandatory particulars, the subscriber shall be routed to a payment gateway.
The application form shall ask for the subscriber’s personal information, bank details, nomination details and particulars related to employment.

LOGIN USING PRANThe PRAN Card issued by the Government of India incorporates the details regarding the subscriber’s name and father’s name, subscriber’s date of birth, signature and photograph along with the PRAN. Subscribers may use the number printed on the PRAN card to log into their NPS online account. First-time users shall be required to generate a password. After signing in, subscribers can access features of the portal.
Thus, it can be understood that it is compulsory for all subscribers to have a PRAN for their representation under the scheme.


The concerned authorities dispatch a PRAN card to the respective nodal office within 20 days from the date of receipt. You can contact the respective nodal office to know the status of your PRAN card dispatch. Or you can track the status online by visiting the NPS-NSDL portal and selecting the tab Track the status of PRAN Card. Enter your PRAN and captcha. Click on the SUBMIT tab, and you will get the status of your PRAN Card.

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