Oriental Bank of Commerce- OBC NEFT/RTGS Form PDF Download

RTGS/NEFT both are electronic mode that allows individuals to transfer funds between banks or persons. Account-holders have both online & offline options to transfer funds through RTGS/NEFT.

It is usually preferred by customers to transfer funds online with access to an internet/mobile banking facility. But, if you don’t have the access to this facility online, then you can also request offline transaction service by filling and submitting the OBC NEFT/RTGS form to the concerned branch of the bank.

NEFT stands for ‘National Electronic Funds Transfer’. It is an electronic mode of payment that allows a person to transfer payment between banks or persons. In this mode of payment, the amount is settled in batches.

RTGS stands for ‘Real-time Gross Settlement’. The RTGS Service is a Real-time Fund Transfer Service in Which all the transactions are processed continuously throughout the working hours of RTGS. The RTGS facility is mainly used for a transaction of large amounts. The minimum amount you can transfer through RTGS is Rs.2 Lakhs with no upper limit.

Here for your convenience, we are providing you a direct link to download the Oriental Bank of Commerce- OBC NEFT/RTGS Form PDF. You can easily download the application form by just clicking on the link given below.

Oriental Bank of Commerce- OBC NEFT/RTGS Form PDF

  1. Article Name: OBC NEFT/RTGS Form PDF
  2. Department: Banking and Finance
  3. Beneficiary: Bank’s Customers
  4. Language: English
  5. Official Website: www.obcindia.co.in
  6.  PDF Form Download: Oriental Bank of Commerce- OBC NEFT/RTGS Form PDF

Steps To Fill OBC NEFT/RTGS Form – Offline

You can download the form online or get it from a branch or can download it by using the link given above and fill in the details and submit it to the concerned branch for RTGS/NEFT Transfer. To fill the form without any problem, you have to follow the given below steps:-

  • First mention date & branch.
  • Then enter details of the beneficiary such as Beneficiary Name, Account Number, Reconfirm Account No., Address, Bank IFSC Code, Amount (in figures & words), Commission, Total Amount.
  • Then fill in remitter/applicant details like Remitter Name, Account Number & for non-OBC customers fill Cash Deposited, Mobile No., Address.
  • Now fill in remittance detail like account no with the branch, cash deposited, cheque no., date, amount, account no.
  • Now carefully check all the details entered, sign & submit the form to bank officials.

Once you have filled the form correctly and submitted it to the branch authority, you will be provide a Customer Acknowledgement slip (as shown in the image below) which can be used as proof for future ref., if the amount is not transferred to the beneficiary account.

Customer Acknowledgement Slip
Customer Acknowledgement Slip

∗For fund transfer through RTGS/NEFT Service, Both the Bank (of Remitter & Beneficiary) needs to be RTGS/NEFT Enabled.∗

Note:- RTGS/NEFT is an efficient, secure, economical and reliable system of transfer of funds. For online transfer of through RTGS/NEFT system one must have access to internet banking. If account holder does not have the access, then they have to submit NEFT/RTGS application form to concerned branch to process the transaction. To download the OBC NEFT/RTGS Form visit bank’s website or tap on the link provided below.

Oriental Bank of Commerce- OBC NEFT/RTGS Form PDF Download

*Note – The amalgamation of Punjab National Bank (PNB), United Bank of India, and Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) has come into effect from April 1, . United Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce have started functioning as PNB branches.*

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