Indian Grocery Items List 2024 PDF

Indian Grocery Items List: Grocery List is basically new version of checklist of new-age grocery items. It simplifies the list of items mentioned according to your preference and need for next week to month as you desire. It is also known as Kirana List in Hindi. It’s easy to create as you can create it with pen and paper or even on your mobile if you want.

It simplifies the process of buying grocery from the store, supermarket or mall as you just have to prepare the list of items you required at home and when you go to store, handover the list to shopkeeper. It also helps him  to reach out to all the items without delay. Thus, it’s not just convenient but also saves a lot of time for both you and shopkeeper.

To keep things updated at home for use, following item must always be part of your list: rice, dals, flours, oil, sugar/jaggery, salt, spices, tea/coffee, snacks, etc. Some perishable items can also be added to your list such as vegetables, milk, curd, eggs, etc. but remember you can buy them daily or weekly, as they are perishable in nature.

Here we have provided you Indian Grocery Items List PDF Format Download. You can easily download the list for your reference purpose in future by just clicking on the link given below.

Indian Grocery Items List 2024

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Products To Be Added In Indian Grocery Items List:

Here I have divided the items in the grocery list in sections for your convenience and ease. These sections are:

  • Necessary Goods: Such as Rice, Flour, Dals, Sugar, Oil, Salt, Masala powder (Turmeric Powder, Red Chili Powder, Other Spices), Besan, Maida, Sooji/Rava, Poha, Peanuts, Tea/Coffee,etc.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Such as Sanitizer, Bathing Soaps, Toothpaste , Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Oil ,Shaving Cream , Detergent Soap, Detergent Powder, Dish Wash Soap/ Liquid, Floor and toilet Cleaner, Toilet Roll ( if required), Kitchen Towels/Tissue Papers(as required)
  • Fresh Produce Items: Such as Onion, Potato, other Vegetables (as required), Fruits, Milk, Eggs, Bread, Curd, Paneer etc.(These products are perishable in nature, so if you like you can eliminate this from list and can buy from your local market as per convenience.)
  • Other Items: Such as Snacks, Biscuits,  Dry Fruits, Cheese, Papad, Chocolates, Honey, Ready To Make Products, Pooja Items , Garbage Bags (if required).

Points To Remember Before Making Indian Grocery Items List:

  • The list should be suitable according to your family needs and requirement.
  • Your food habits can be different, so you need to alter the list as per your needs.
  • Know your budget before making the list.
  • If you have made the list on paper, then keep a photo of list in your phone. In case you lost the paper, it will be useful.
  • Use this grocery list only for the reference view point.

∗Just like that you have all the items in your grocery list to buy for the month at your own comfort. You may not need all the items mentioned above but just remember, it is just for you reference to make the list. You can alter the list as per your requirements.

Note: Grocery List / Kirana List is a check list that contains all the necessary items one will require in their household for the month and so in simplified way according to their preference. You can create with the help of pen and paper or even in your mobile or tab as per your convenience.




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