Kerala Destitute Certificate Form PDF

Destitute Certificate, Kerala:  Destitute certificate is important document for applying or claiming for any relaxations provided by govt. of Kerala, if one is destitute. Govt. of Kerala has created this certificate  to help poor and helpless people of the state to ease their living standard. Under this, common person can claim for exemption provided by govt. This is important document to claim benefits from govt. only if one is destitute.

You can apply for the certificate by downloading the  form online and submitting the required documents along with duly filled and signed form 21 C .

Here we provide you direct link for Destitute Certificate Application Form Kerala PDF download. You can simply download the form by clicking the link given below.

Kerala Destitute Certificate Application Form PDF

  1. Article:  Destitute Certificate Application Form 
  2. Department:  Revenue department, Govt. of Kerala
  3. State: Kerala
  4. Beneficiary: Destitute resident of the state 
  5. Benefits: To claim relaxation provided by govt.
  6. Language: English
  7. Official Website:
  8. Form PDF Download: Destitute Certificate Application Form

Conditions required to be a Destitute :  

Following are the conditions required to be considered as a Destitute , by government:

  1. The state resident, who is living there for continuous period from not more than 2 years immediately preceding the date of application  and does not have first order relative ( i.e. father, mother,son) of or above the age of 20 years. 
  2.  Women whose husband is dead and is not re-married and have no source of income or nominal pension/income of Rs.3oo/-  only and those who have no relative of or above age of 20 years. 
  3. A child / unmarried woman whose parents are dead and does not have any first relations (i.e.father, mother, son) who is of or above the age of 20 years.

( Note: A woman whose husband is missing for more than 7 years can be deemed as a widow.)

Supporting documents for application form :

  1. Aadhaar Card Of the Applicant
  2. Election/Voters ID
  3. Ration Card Of the applicant
  4. Affidavit for the destitution certificate

 Time period: Time limit to get the certificate is 5 days from the date of application.

Validity:Applicants can get benefits by this certificate till 3 Years from the date of the issue of a certificate.


  • Akshaya service charge Center -Rs.18/- + Government Service charge – Rs.7 + print and scan -Rs.3 per page
  • For SC / ST category Rs 10 + and print/scan Rs.2 per page
  • For BPL category Fee is  Rs 20

Note:Destitute Certificate is important document  issued by govt. of Kerala to help  destitute person to claim relaxation provided in the state. This certificate helps the poor and helpless person to live a standard life by claiming the benefits  granted by the government.


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