Delhi Police Tenant Verification Form PDF

Police verification of tenants is now necessary. If you do not get the police verification of the tenant and something happens, then the owner will be responsible for it. Recently, someone rented his house and did not get the tenant to get police verification, shortly after it was found out that he was a terrorist. Therefore, the verification of the Delhi Police tenant has been made necessary for the general public.

Due to the verification of the tenant, the owner does not have to worry again. It contains all the information of the tenant and the owner, with the seal of the SHO of the nearest police station.

Delhi Police Tenant Verification Form PDF

  1. Name of the Article: Tenant Verification form Delhi
  2. State: Delhi
  3. Concerned Dept: Police Department
  4. Beneficiary: Tenant & Landlord of the State
  5. Objective: Provide security and verification of tenant
  6. Official Website:
  7. Application Form PDF: Download Here

Application Process of Police Verification for Tenant-

  1. Acquire the police verification form at the police station or download it online by clicking the above link.
  2. Fill in the tenant and (landlord) details as prescribed in the form. You may also be asked for Reference Numbers (If applicable).
  3. Attach a Passport-size photo of the tenant.
  4. Provide Voter ID/Aadhar Card/ Ration Card/Driver’s Licence details of the tenant.
  5. Then submit the verification form along with all required documents to the concerned dept. Also, get the Acknowledgment Receipt for the same.

Document Required for Delhi Police Tenant Verification-

(1st) For Owners/Landlord:

  • Full Name, Address, Email ID, Mobile Number, Occupation, etc.

(2nd) For Tenant:

  • Full Name, Permanent Address, Email ID, Mobile Number, Occupation, etc.
  • One Address Proof Document Number, e.g. Aadhaar Card or Driving License or Passport, etc.
  • One Soft Copy of ID Proof, e.g Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, etc.
  • Tenants’ passport-size photo.

Note – It is very important for the landlord to conduct police verification of tenants before allotting the premises. If he/she does not do the same, then at the time of any mishap, he/she will solely responsible for the event. People allot their premises to the tenant and if they turned out to be criminals. In this case, the police hold the landlord responsible too for any mishap. So to be safe from any mishap, Police Verification for Tenant is necessary as it assures the landlord a thorough background check on the tenant before allowing them to live on the premises.


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