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Common Service Center (CSC) Certificate is a very important document to verify the authenticity of any CSC center. It shows whether the center is original and certified by govt. or not. To run the center successfully with goodwill one has to obtain this certificate for their center.

This helps the owner to gain customer’s trust and make goodwill of their center/shop in the market. You should keep the CSC certificate outside and inside your common service center to be a safeguard from any trouble.

CSC ( Common Service Center) is a physical facility approved by govt. for delivering govt. e-services to rural, urban, or remote areas. It is a multiple-services-single point identity started for providing different facilities to people.

CSC Certificate Download PDF

  • Article Name: CSC Certificate Download
  • State: All-over-India
  • Department: CSC E-Govermence India Ltd.
  • Beneficiary: All CSC, VLE or TEC
  • Benefit: CSC, VLE or TEC Identification
  • Official Website:
  • PDF Download:

It helps people to access different govt. issued public utility, certificates, and documents, social welfare schemes, healthcare, etc such as PAN Card, Voter ID, Ration card, or govt. work such as getting birth proof, death proof, electricity bill payment or getting Ayushman Bharat Card, etc.  It is a Pan-India network facility.

As you know, if you are engaged in government work, then there is always a possibility of verification of your premises and work authenticity by government authorities. Sometimes government officials also visit shops/centers for their verification for the public interest.

If you have a CSC certificate in the shop, then you can show them the certificate and verify your authenticity and prove to them that whatever work you are engaged in is legal and totally recognized by government norms.

Here we provide you details on how to register and download your CSC Certificate online. You can register and download the certificate by clicking the link provided below.

Advantages/Benefits of CSC Certificate:

The great advantage of having a this certificate is that in the eyes of all , you will become “Authorized CSC Operator (Authorized CSC Center)” who can provide any services offered by CSC to the customers through your center/shop. Some more benefits of the certificate are as follows:

  • In any problem or govt. verification, you can show it as a proof that whatever work you are doing is recognized by the government. So, it will save you from any problem by govt. officer or policeman.
  • You can show this in the bank to take a small loan.
  • If you have CSC Certificate, you will be able to submit it as document proof in places where it is demanded by the authority.

Steps To Download the Certificate Online:

  • First visit the official website i.e. “”
  • Now click on My Account section to login .i.e. “myaccount/login”
  • By the help of CSC ID, login to your account. Submit your CSC ID no. and Captcha code for login by aggregating Terms & Conditions.
  • Now you will receive an OTP in your registered e-mail ID. Submit this OTP and click on Validate/Verify button.
  • During this process you have use browser chrome and also has to connect your biometric/Fingerprint device (for finger print capture) to your system the whole time.
  • When your Biometric device will light up, then put your finger on it and wait for it to trace your finger print.
  • Once your finger print is captured by the biometric device successfully, you can login to your CSC Account Dashboard.
  • As you login, you will see a option “CSC Certificate”, click on this option. After clicking certificate option, click on “Next” button.
  • On clicking Next button, your CSC certificate will be downloaded. You can use,save or print it as per you desire.

Contact Address:

Note: Common Service Center (CSC) Certificate is govt. issued certificate which proves the authenticity of any CSC center. It is required to gain customer trust and make goodwill of their shop/center in the market.You should keep this certificate outside and inside your common service center to be safeguard yourself from any trouble any verification by legal authorities. One can download this certificate online by registering to its official website “”.

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