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Old Adangal Application Form, Andhra Pradesh:  Old Adangal Certificate is a very important document used to settle land disputes, court cases and to raise farm credit or bank loans, etc. . In Andhra Pradesh, Adangal is also known as Pahani. It contains details of the land and its owner such name of landlord/owner with extents and khatha number, soil type, nature of the land occupation, liabilities,  tenancy, crop grown inland, etc.

It helps in determining the genuineness of the seller (owner)  at the time when land is being purchased by the buyer. It is an important revenue record. The landlord/owner can use the certificate in many government or non-government works.

Now residents of Andhra Pradesh can apply for Old Adangal Certificate Online. This can be done by applying through Meeseva Centers. Once you have applied, it usually takes 7 working days to receive the certificate after verifying by Tehsildar.  By Meeseva service, residents can easily apply and get the Old Adangal Certificate both by online/offline to apply.

Here we provide you a direct link for the Old Adangal Application Form PDF download. You can download the form by clicking the link given below and submit the same along with the documents required.

AP Old Adangal Application Form PDF Download

  1. Name of Article: Old Adangal Certificate AP
  2. State: Andhra Pradesh
  3. Beneficiary: Residents of the State
  4. Concerned Department: Revenue Dept., Chief Commissioner of Land Administration
  5. Official Website: https://ap.meeseva.gov.in/ 

Procedure to apply online for Certified Copy of Old Adangal

  • Login to Andhra Pradesh Meeseva portal
  • Click on the Revenue Department. After that, please Go to Revenue Department services.
  • Select “Old Adangal Certificate” under the List of services.
  • Enter the required details.
  • Now Upload the scanned copies of the required documents.
  • After uploading, You need to make payment by clicking ‘Show Payment’.
  • After that, there will be a confirmation, and you will get the online acknowledgment receipt, there will be Certificate Delivery Date and reference number in the receipt.
  • Now the process is completed.
  • When the application is approved then the citizen will get the automated message like “Your Request for AP Old Adangal has been Accepted Vide Application No: OAXXXXXX Transaction No TRAXXXXXXX Please collects your Certificate at MeeSeva-XXXXXXXX”.


Office Address:

The Director,
ESD (MeeSeva),
D.No.6-178, Eco Ritz Building 1st Floor,
SER Centre, BMPS Road, Prasadampadu,
Andhra Pradesh-India,

Note: Adangal/Pahani is a very important document issued by Tehsildar, as it contains details of land such as name of owner, total land under Pahani, revenue details of land, classification of soil etc. It is required at sub-register’s office at the time of sale transaction to prove authenticity of seller (owner) . It helps to raise farm credit or loan from bank and court also requires Adangal/Pahani in case of civil litigation, etc.

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