[CDMA] AP Non-Availability Birth Certificate Form PDF

Andhra Pradesh- AP Non-Availability Birth Certificate Form PDF:- Birth certificate is a very first document of any infant and is very important govt. document to have. It is mandatory for person to register birth of infant within 21 days from date of birth. But for any reason if person fails to do so or if there is no birth proof/record of person or records get destroyed/lost at Dept in natural calamities then in that case person will be issued Non-Availability Birth Certificate (NABC). It can be obtained online as well as directly from the municipal corporation/ CDMA office.

Non-availability Birth Certificate is an substitute of birth certificate but if possible it is essential to obtain birth certificate. Applicant can apply for this certificate in case:

  1. If birth of infant/person was never officially recorded.
  2. If birth records of infant/person got lost at Dept, due to natural calamities.

To apply for the certificate in the Andhra Pradesh state, applicant have to submit AP Non-Availability Birth Certificate Form along with required documents to the MC/CDMA office in the state. Also applicant will have to mention whether he/she wants to collect the certificate by hand or receive it by speed post. After verification, applicant will be issued the Non-availability Birth Certificate. It can take a weak to a month for authorities to issue the certificate.

AP Non-Availability Birth Certificate Form (CDMA) PDF

Article Application For Non-Availability Certificate For Birth PDF
State Andhra Pradesh  (AP)
Concerned Dept. MC/CDMA / Revenue Dept.
Beneficiary State Resident’s
Benefit/Purpose Acts As A Substitute of Birth Certificate For Person (In Case of Loss/Damage/Omission of Birth Record)
Language English
Official Website Click Here
PDF Form Download   Click Here

 Documents Required 

  • Completely filled & signed Application Form (AP Non-Availability Birth Certificate Form).
  • Ration Card/Any Other Residence Proof.
  • School Bonafide Certificate.
  • Secondary School Certificate(10th Class Marks Sheet).
  • Notarized Affidavit (Non-Judicial Stamp Paper).

 Application Process

  1. For applying offline for Non-availability Birth Certificate through CDMA dept., you have to submit the completely filled application form along with required documents.
  2. You can get the form from the dept. or can download the same by clicking on the link provided by us.  “Click Here”
  3. Now that you have downloaded the form, fill the details carefully to avoid any mistakes.
  4. First you have to enter details of sender(applicant) & receiver (concerned dept.) Here on the left side enter your Name, Address & Mobile No. And on the right side enter Registration Unit ID & District Name of the Department.
  5. Then in the application below, mention your name, age, designation, address, child’s gender, place of birth & date of birth And tick the box to declare that information provided by you is correct to your knowledge.
  6. Once you have filled the form completely & correctly, sign the form and submit it to the officials along with required documents & application fee.
  7. After receiving the application, officials will verify the same. And if your application is approved by dept then, Non availability Certificate will be issued & dispatched to you through courier to the your address if you have selected Delivery Type as Speed Post Local/Non Local.
  8. If you have chosen Delivery Type as Manual, then you will have to collect the Non availability Certificate from the concerned dept.

Note:- Today we have provided you Andhra Pradesh AP Non-Availability Birth Certificate Form – CDMA | Application Form For NABC PDF. For any query or for any other type of PDF form, please comment below in the comment box. We will try to provide you the same. Thanks for visiting our website www.pdfformdownload.com

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